Design trends

What is Fashion?

Fashion is a way people express themselves in specific ways, places, and occasions in the form of clothing, footwear, lifestyle, accessories, makeup, hairstyle, and body posture. The availability of many different clothing and other commodities trending turned into a fashion. Based on the relevance we have in the market because we are always providing what is trending, you can get the best with us for your fashion.

The types of fashion styles

There are plenty of fashion styles in the market. If you want to look elegantly smart, you can shop most of the best fashion styles with us like abaya fashion, Ankara fashion style, and casual fashion styles that are trending now and can make you look great and fashionable

1. Artistic fashion style

It’s derived from the word itself an art, everyone wants to look different in their style, you can create any design that makes you look different and fashionable but you need to be creative enough to come up with it, sometimes it is handcrafts with amazing shapes and bright and bold colors Examples of artistic styles include
  • Colored leggings.
  • Creative and expensive jewelry with cultural design.

2. Casual wear style

This is a formal way of dressing for both business and office style, it s an outfit that will make you comfortable and relaxed but at the same time look elegantly smart. It’s a personal choice one can choose casual denim shorts with a crop top or cargo shorts with paired plain t-shirts black jeans or paired military t-shirts

3. Ankara fashion style

This type of fashion style is so much used every day and appreciated by west African countries like Nigeria, Ghana, and Senegal, African wear consists of bright colors with graphics .its made with blouses and skirts for women. In contrast, men wear long single button closed shirts with trousers of the same color.

4. Beach wear style

This type of fashion style is normally worn on beaches and sometimes during the summer period It can be made up of bikin shorts with a cover top

5. Flamboyant fashion style

This type of fashion style portrays one’s confidence and style; it comprises vibrant colors designed in clothing patterns that are uneven, opulent, and tucked.

6. Trendy fashion style

Trend always means changing. That trendy fashion always follows what is on market, the only disadvantage with this fashion is that you have to keep updated on what is on market and change your wardrobe always whenever something new comes up which is expensive hip hop fashion style This is appreciated so much in the music industry with artists wearing long baggy t-shirts and jeans

7. Holy wood style

This fashion designer style never goes off since the 1930s and 1960’s the long gowns with long wavy hair always stand out throughout the fashion movies and fashion shows

8. Vintage fashion styles

Vintage is an old fashion of previous styles since 1920 and 1930, and this has represented well the fashions of the previous years that have passed.

9. Androgynous fashion style

This kind of fashion style can be applied by men and women, it doesn’t differentiate the gender, for example, the timberland shoes that are worn by some women and skimpy jeans

10. Abaya fashion style

The abaya women’s fashion is so common in Muslim women, it covers the body from head to toe with a burqa or veil coving their face including a headscarf and along waist robe, it comes most in plain black.
New fashions are always coming up every day and you can always watch our space to get updates on what is trending just to make your selection and shopping easy.