Design trends

The trend in the fashion industry

The 2022 fashion trend has always remained stable despite the challenges that are going on in the world like the covid 19 pandemic through all this, people have remained to change their wardrobes and look elegantly smart.
There have been transformations and changes with the office fashion style wear being substituted with casual fashion style since the work was entirely at home.
Due to extended creativity most of the products are being imported from China since it’s the biggest exporter now with the rate of $3.026233691.000 followed by the united states of America (USA) at $1.753.941.406.000 the effects of the latest fashion trends in the industry are ;


Advancement of mobile technology is being reviewed every day with people using Instagram shopping, mobile commerce PayPal payments, and many more.
Shopping with mobile phones has become easier than ever and everyone would prefer to shop using mobile applications like android payments and apple payments than direct store shopping

Artificial intelligence

More electronic transactions are being used to improve the customer’s shopping experience to drive sales, control inventory forecast trends, and collect and analyze data. In addition, shopping stores have been equipped with point of sale machines(POS), and customer relationship management system(CRM) software that saves customer’s demographic details for remarketing

Mini skirts

Though some societies don’t encourage and appreciate this kind of women’s fashion trend, most youths have adopted it, and yeah why not show what your mama gave you, its a collection of skimpy dresses that expose the thighs with cropped tops showing part of the belly

The celebrity trend

It always starts here in the celebrity world where artists come up with their own creations and designs. This is done in fashion movies and fashion shows like women carrying big colored bags punched jeans and tops with holes which their followers take up as a fashion trend.

Skinny jeans

There are specific things you cannot miss right now in most people’s wardrobes like skinny tight Jeans, fitted blazers, rubber sandals, floured t-shirts, and shirts for both men and women pitched with golden stones.